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I’ve belonged to blogs in the past which got in fights and arguments with other blogs/organizations, and even when I agreed 100% it got boring really quick.  So, I’d fully intended to have that blog on Sunday be the very last one I did on the SFWA mess.

But then I got selected for worst person in the world (though I have to share the trophy with Kate) and I thought, what the heck, I’ll do a final post on my dealings with SFWA from beginning to end, and because I’m tired of being misunderstood, I’ll do it in a way they’ll understand: with video clips.

So, in the mid eighties, I started writing sf/f, and I was so green that I sent submissions to the subscriptions address.  I still managed to get a personal rejection asking for more, but I thought “I need help.”  And then I heard about…

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Somebody tried to imply that it’s hypocritical to ever accept an entitlement program if you are opposed to them.  By entitlement programs I’m talking about government funded hand outs like food stamps, section 8 housing, WIC, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

OK, so on principal, I disagree with these programs because they (the Government)  take money involuntarily (excepting those citizens who are for the programs) from someone who earned it via taxation.  And re-distribute that to people who did not earn that money via these various programs mentioned above.   I call this forced charity.  Some folks however, believe it’s their civic duty to provide these services, many have even come to believe they are entitled to them by the pervasive philosophy of Altruism that has taken over our society.  I, on the other hand, believe that if we had a true free market economy and we were to get rid of the welfare state, reduce government to the bare necessity (because why would we want anything more of it?), then most Americans who work, would be able to provide for themselves.

Charity is a good thing, I believe in charity.   But it’s not charity if I don’t have a choice in the matter.  I’m forced through various taxes to pay for these programs.  Yes at my income level I get a certain amount of money back from the IRS at tax time each year.  It is not however more than I paid in.  I get some back because I paid more than I should have.  I am an American tax payer.  If you get more than you paid in each year, you are not a tax payer.  You are a tax on those of us who do pay taxes.

Enough of that, you know my philosophy on the matter.  That being said I can get to the heart of the matter.  Does opposing the existence on principal of these programs make a tax payer, who is forced through circumstance to partake in these programs to survive, a hypocrite?  Or are they a victim of the very system they oppose?  I say the latter.  If you paid for it, and by paying for it are put in a position that you need to use it to survive, then you are victim of it.

Does it make the slave, who doesn’t want to be a slave, who opposes all slavery, a hypocrite for accepting the masters gruel?

Please feel free to comment, give feedback, etc.

Since 2008 at least, I have awakened to the fact that there are some very distinct differences between Americans who identify as politically conservative and those who see themselves as politically liberal.  I don’t think there has been a time in the past where we have been so evenly and vocally divided as we are right now, except for perhaps just prior to the civil war.  There are clear dividing lines between the two sides that don’t seem to have any room for compromise.  The only reason to read anything, or listen to anyone, on the opposition’s side is to provide fuel for ridicule or to condemn them to our own true believers.  People are no longer trying to sway the other side to their own thinking, to convince them they are right on a particular issue.  It’s one way or the other and no middle ground.

So I’m thinking about this off and on this last few weeks and a recent blog post (a great read but totally unrelated to my post) by Brad Torgersen, a science fiction writer that I follow, called to mind Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” and it’s concept of The Hierarchy of Foreignness.

In the universe of Ender’s Game humanity has survived a war with an alien species and basically have exterminated that species.  Put simply the reason was that humans could not communicate with the aliens, called Buggers, who started the war.  Therefore there could be nothing else but to fight them in order to survive.  The protagonists sister, Valentine, posits that there is a hierarchy of foreignness that you can see here.

I’m starting to believe that we are beginning to treat each other as aliens, a lot of talk with no communication.  Are we becoming “Varelse” to each other?

Anyway, my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes.  I’m not sure how I have begun to see it this way but the other side is starting to look alot like “buggers” who want to destroy us.  We can’t even figure out why, much less stop them without combat.  Maybe I drank too much coffee this morning…

For those of you who now know that I’m seeing you as a giant bug from outer space should be glad that I didn’t correlate you with John Ringo’s Posleen!

As always your feedback is welcomed.  Tell me I’m wrong, I would love for you to be right!

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We have become a nation of weenies…

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I’ve reached the point where I can’t even get agitated any more.

The anti-gun ideology in government schools has led to so many stupid incidents that all I can do is shake my head and be thankful my kids somehow were spared this nonsense.

OH MY GOD!!! Call a SWAT team and child protective services!

Our latest story comes from Michigan, where a third grader brought some cupcakes to school for his birthday. That seems innocuous, but the boy’s mother (gasp!) decorated them with toy army men.

The school decided “to remove the Army soldiers from the cupcakes” and called the boy’s family to inform them that they had committed a thought crime.

Last week, Casey Fountain’s third-grade son had a birthday party at his school in Caro. His wife decided to whip up 30 cupcakes for the boy’s classmates. She topped the treats with plastic army guys like…

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Interesting Facebook exchange I was lucky enough to witness in which the liberal SF publishing industry is given a thorough calling out (and some Liberal posters given a heavy handed spanking) by some of the best authors in SF today…

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I know that many of my blog readers also follow me on Facebook or Twitter, so you probably know that I have a bit of a reputation for getting into political debates. Often these aren’t my own fights, but usually I jump in if I see a friend of mine getting bulldozed. Combine that with a topic that I happen to know a lot about, and I just can’t help myself.

I got into this kerfuffle yesterday.  You guys have heard me go off on the topic of how the publishing industry has a liberal bias, and how the Secret Masters of Fandom go out of their way to squash writers who have dissenting views, either through threats, boycotts, intimidation, or slander. (do a search here for anything labeled hate mail)  I’ve pointed out this pattern before.

This is really two seperate issues. First, if you are an out of the closet, politically active…

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Actor Adam Baldwin took on Amanda Marcotte and her idiocy today, after she labeled him a “crazed gun nut” and a “sexist pig.”


Where is her latest delusional persecution complex stemming from? Once again, her own idiocy. As Twitchy reported, the dim-witted Marcotte bowed down to her paternalistic, liberal gun-grabbing masters when weighing in on the foul rape comments made by the cretinous Bob Beckel. Suck it up, ladies! It’s better to be raped than to shoot a rapist.


Hypocrisy and twisted “logic” that seeks to empower women … by disempowering them?


Plus, does she ever get out of her soy latte-riddled Ivory tower?


Heh. Marcotte, the “empowered” woman, then does what all strong and independent women do. She bravely runs away.



Aww. Maybe President Obama will pull a Fluke move and give her a phone call, so he can pat her on…

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The heartache is too much. Printed on the back of the Chris Kyle memorial service program are notes from his children. They read:


I love you Dad. You are the best dad ever. I never wanted you to die. I will miss your heart. I will love you even if you died. Love you forever,

Baby Girl.


I miss you a lot. One of the best things that has happened to me is you. I love you Dad. I always will.



Tears. Tragic and so heartbreaking.

Goodbye, American hero. We will never forget you and…

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